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is taxed or borrowed and it is taxed from we the people. government spending is destructive to the economy. whether it is it discretioninary or not it needs to change now. >> it doesn't matter if it is. feven even if it is it a million bucks here and there. and eric it is worse than that. up said millions and millions, we are in the trillions. it is it an express of 3 trillion . a third of that is it being borrowed. we are spending way out of control and here is a bar chart. i don't know if you can see this right here. the dark part here is it what we are borrowing each year. that is a third of the amount much money . it is it outrageous and they can cut it in every place and they don't do it. >> you can stee the crazy thingings we are spending our money on. chinese swine study. 141,000. let's lookalt the next one. jordanian hooka habitings whampt is that? and reality tv show in india we spend 20 million and amtrak food beverages. 84 million. cram cramcongressman, we have a spending problem. ntake the labor department. you would think that that is one department that is responsible for tra
the sequester deadline down the road. to win them over he offered a package of spending cuts and more tax increases. how was that playing on capitol hill? here's ed henry. >> warning the nation's economic recovery hangs in the balance, president obama prodded congress to stop a series of massive spending cuts that could threaten national security urging them to come up with a short term combo of lesser spending cuts and tax increases beyond what he signed at the end of december. >> if they can't get a bigger package done by the time the sequester is scheduled to go into effect, then i believe that they should at least pass a smaller package. >> president says the sequester puts hundreds of thousands of jobs in jeopardy from classrooms to the pentagon and defense lie lockheed martin which announced hundreds of layoffs. mr. obama said damage can be stopped if john boehner accepts the white house's final offer from december, meaning up to $600 billion in more tax hikes through cutting deductions, and cuts to medicare and other programs. >> my healthcare proposals achieve the same savings by
? you have the jobless rate picking up, economic growth slowing down and the federal income tax turning 100 this sunday. fears are growing it's only heading higher. swatch out on the price of good friday. it's 14,000. >> let's celebrate. we're rich, we're rich again, part two. here's what i think about the income tax. remember those coffee mugs, life begins at 40? how about for the income tax life begins at 100. let's actually fix this thing, make it a little more favorable for businesses, for income, for individual income earners. i mean, that would be a lot better than at least leaving it at this rate. >> some say we've had it for 100 years. maybe we should keep it for the next 100. >> here's the thing. i'll tell you. it's been a rough 100 years with regards to income tax because there's been a lot of wrangle ling. if you just look at the numbers, we rely on the top 10% of taxpayers, jenna, as a country more than any other developed nation in the world. we know we have the highest corporate tax rates. >> you just don't want to pay your taxes. >> hello, irs, i don't want to pay my taxe
will get back to you if there are more details. the fbi is promising that in the next few hours. >> tax hike to high income earners. he may be going to the well again. the president insists he needs more money to reduce the deficit and will likely focus on a familiar target. white house correspondent wendell goaler tells us how that is going over. >> as the president headed to minnesota to talk about gun violence, republicans on capitol hill tried to keep the nation's attention on fiscal matters. >> we are having trouble in large part because spending is a problem. it is what is chasing jobs overseas and causing much anxiety about our future. >> sunday in a presuper bowl interview with cbs's scott kelly mr. obama said this year's tax changes shouldn't be the last. >> there is no doubt we need additional revenue coupled with smart spending reductions in order to bring down the deficit. he is not talking raising rates but closing loopholes especially those making money from investment pay a lower tax rate than income salaried or hourly wage earn ers. >> the average person doesn't have acc
$250,000 a year because you weren't going to get your taxes increased. guess what? you got a big fat tax increase. >> ben, go ahead. >> the worst thing that could have possibly happened in this country is to lose the constitution. that's worst than having these people covered by medicaid instead of by oak obamacare. losing the constitution is the crisis. >> we're not there yet. >> gary k, you know what? you have been staunchly opposed to this from the very beginning. i read your work. the unions are now, everyone is included. do you think this is where ben's right, that we're going in this direction, that we're going to lose the constitution? >> i don't know if you lose it whole, but i have to tell you there are pieces that are being thrown out the window right now. you know, i've been using three words, at what cost? all these programs at what cost? adam talked about 30 million people getting health care. terrific. at what cost? guess what? the unions who voted for this and backed it are realizing there is a cost, but all of a sudden no, we don't want the cost. and that's where the
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, economic growth, sequester, higher taxes. but kimberly, if you look to 2013, it shoots back up. how can the president hold a press conference when he talks about cuts using the word smaller. >> there's so much shrinkage. the problem is the middle class is the working poor. that's what's the norm. people are so used to it now they don't realize it should be fixed. we could focus on cutting back on spending, thinking about how to stimulate jobs and the economy. we're so used to the stagnation, it's become acceptable and people aren't critical enough to say there's a better way to do this and a smarter financial way to make sense. >> is this the new normal? before we get to that, the white house scrambled after the cbo announcement to cobble the press conference together. what did you think? >> one of the things, if ear going to call press conferences, he has to take questions. if he goes to the white house briefing room, reporters should demand access and ability to probe and ask questions. i don't understand how that keeps heaping. the econstituency was interesting. this morning early on
. but coming up next. >> no family making less than $250,000 a year will see any form of tax increase. nothing in this plan will require you or your employer to change the coverage or the doctor you have. >> a new term brings brand new lies from the president, why he's broken his word yet again and again and again answer check with michelle malkin and juan williams and they'll square off. and coming up. >> it's basically not illegal anymore. >> sean: bombshell testimony from a top immigration expert as he reveals why the president's policies are putting federal agents at risk and new lacks deportation rules could lead to the next 9/11. we'll have that powerful story and david limbaugh all coming up. [ male announcer ] this is anna, her long day teaching the perfect swing begins with back pain and a choice. take advil, and maybe have to take up to four in a day. or take aleve, which can relieve pain all day with just two pills. good eye. [ male announcer ] how could switchgrass in argentina, change engineering in dubai, aluminum production in south africa, and the aerospace industry in the u.s.
is the biggest obstac toll private-sector job growth in america right now. he seem, to we can tax, spend and regulate ourselves to prosperity. the private sector is asking for certainty. because the president doesn't want to pass a budget or modernize spending for bietlements. he is the big issue. it is up to him to take a long look in the mirror. i agree that congress has played a role. he needs to stop worrying about destroying republicans and start worrying about growing the economy. >> eric: joe, is that true? is he the biggest obstacle? >> the president is the steward of the overall economy. but both leaders of both parties have to look themselves in the mirror and they do -- look. there are two issues to focus upon, very pragmatic. the first is the star runningback. small businesses. a few years ago, we us to have 36 new small businesses that create 60% of all new jobs for every 10,000 citizens. today, we have 18, exactly half new businesses starting up each year. we should relieve small businesses of tax costs, they create the jobs for the spectators in the stadium. number 2, the
-jazeera so he could avoid the higher tax rate. al-jazeera is owned by oil-country of qatar that made al gore and his cronies 15-- 500 million that had fewer viewirs than those on the test station of diluth, minnesota at 2:00 a.m.. his take 100 million . fossil fuel funds drilled out of a sand much a network that has a trade mark, balance covering osama bin laden . that is it of course, before bin laden was dispatched to a region where not even a deep drill bit can reach. he flies in fleist jets and drinkings more fuel than drinkings and living in a 20,000 square foot mansion. that uses more energy than some small countryings. >> that is not an issue for you. after you pay the fair share of taxings. and sphair me the self rightous high horse act of why you are a good protector of the environment. your high horse is a stick horse and phonep as a three dollar bill and you an illusion that you are keeping us from cooking in a hot box called planet earth. there are celebrity and environmentalist they don't agree with but i respect them. they are living out what they say. edbeckly and darryl hanna
. twitter is not alone. other major u.s. companies are reporting cyber at tax. what's behind all of this? an expert coming up. >>> a man tasered right in front of buckingham palace. why police say they needed to stop him from reaching the gates. jenna: quick look for you now at some of the stories coming up new next hour including this one. the week really getting off to a snowy start for people across the midwest. we'll take a look where the latest blast is heading next. >>> also a big show of force as the united states and south korea kick off a new round of war games but there are rising concerns that north korea is preparing for a new nuclear test that has a lot of folks worried. >>> scientists say a skelton found under an english parking lot is indeed that of the king richard the iii. jon: what? jenna: come on. how they solved a 500-year-old mystery they say and what the remains may tell us how the ruler died. a parking lot. jon: what is he doing under there? huh. a frightening scene right right now side buckingham palace in london. guards were forced to use a taser to stop a guy ar
that involves raising taxes, borrowing more money for increased stimulus spending -- what the calls investments -- because republicans are unwilling to accede to his wishes. economy remains poor. that is what they say. republicans say just the opposite. they say because the president will not reduce taxes, because he will not cut government spending that is why the economy is poor and shouting continues. >> thank you for that update. [ laughter ] >> nice to see you. >> the president's healthcare law was supposed to make it more affordable but a glitch, so called glitch in the system could price many families out of healthcare. how did it happen? dr. mark siegle has answers for us. a fiery meeting as a new look what americans are saying about the government versus personal freedom. >> when angry people get together, this new york area. >> obviously -- assault weapons -- >> what is the penalty if you do not register. there are a lot of people setting up the news starts with arthritis pain and a choice. take tylenol or take aleve, the #1 recommended pain reliever by orthopedic doctors. just two al
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of the kind of things you want to see, cap and trade or perhaps a carbon tax or things like that. china and india continue to add a power plant, essentially, every week. so, do you look at that and say climate change is going to happen, no matter what at this point? >> well, some climate change is already happening and will continue to happen. the physics of the problem are quite challenging. we put, well, 85% of the internal used by earth inc., it comes from fossil fuels. and the combustion of those fuels results in us putting 90 million tons of heat-trapping pollution into the atmosphere every day, as if it's an open sewer. it does obey the laws of physics. it traps enough extra energy every day to equal the amount in 400,000 hiroshima atomic bombs. filling the sky with a lot more water vapor and these great basins of water vapor in the sky are now filled or overflowing. you get the kind of downpours in my home city in nashville where thousands lost their homes and businesses and had no flood insurance because it was a once in a 1,000-year event. yesterday in australia 2.5 feet of rai
they will have a universal registry. >>guest: and obama was not a tax until they needed it to be a tax. i don't think you can trust these people. feinstein has said, they will go door-to-door and pick them up. can i talk about what would work? >>chris: a couple questions and we will get to it. the murder, today, one of the things that concerns people, each day we talk about a shooting, oftentimes mass shootings, day after day after day, and the frustration is, you don't think that answering or limiting guns has anything to do with it. i understand there are some things you think do work and we will talk about that the murder yesterday of a former navy seal chris kyle, a man who wrote "american sniper" credited with the largest number of confirmed kills of any american soldier ever. he and another man gunned down at a texas gun range. >>guest: if you want to stop violence in the country, here is what you do. first if you want do protect our kids, you put armed security in schools. i am not talking about arming teachers but police officers and certified professional security people. there is no
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. answers. time can ofbe...well...taxing. so right now we'll give you... ...$10 off any turbo tax deluxe level software or higher! find thousands of big deals now... officemax. [ male announcer ] engine light on? come to meineke now for a free code scan read and you'll money. my choice. my meineke. >>> bottom of the hour now. welcome back. i'm randi kaye. here are five stories we're watching. number one is the desperate waiting game in alabama where a suspected gunman is holding a 5-year-old boy in an underground buncher. they've been in the bunker five days now. police say the man is 65-year-old jimmy lee dikes. his reason for taking the boy, still not clear. police have been communicating with the suspect through a pipe that goes down into that bunker. the white house says there is no doubt about it. the deadly attack on a u.s. embassy in turkey was an act of terror. it killed a turkish security guard and injured a turkish journalist. authorities say this man blew himself up outside the embassy. he is known to u.s. intelligence officials and was a member of a radi
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, your tax dollars are still being spent on the case. house republicans hired super-straight, super-lawyer paul clement to defend marriage to the tune of $2 million dollars. [ laughter ] now, the case won't be heard until march, but that money is already buying brilliant legal arguments from clement like: "marriage should be limited to unions of a man and a woman because they alone can produce unplanned and unintended offspring." [ laughter ] damn straight. yes! yes, marriage is for straight people, who can go to a wedding, get tanked on chablis, and make a baby, barebacking it in a coat closet. [ laughter ] as -- [cheers and applause] fans of the coat closet. that's how god intended it. [ laughter ] planning to have kids just isn't right. [ laughter ] but perhaps the strongest argument clement yanked out of his law-hole is this one: "gays and lesbians have attained more legislative victories, political power, and popular favor in less time than virtually any other group in american history. given that the ultimate inquiry focuses on whether a group needs the special intervention of
and more. and introducing 7 lunch choices for just $7.99! time can ofbe...well...taxing. so right now we'll give you... ...$10 off any turbo tax deluxe level software or higher! find thousands of big deals now... officemax. your soups are so awesomely delicious my husband and i can't stop eating 'em! what's...that... on your head? can curlers! tomato basil, potato with bacon... we've got a lot of empty cans. [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. [ crashing sounds ] [ bleep ] >>> take noted, everybody. don't try this at home. in fact, don't try this at all. a woman in ohio kicking out the window of a police cruiser, giving officers a shattered glass shower. even after the window was out, you see there -- she kept on kicking. police say the woman had just been arrested for allegedly assaulting her mother. keeps getting better, doesn't it? they say it's an ugly example of the influence of too much alcohol. [ bleep ] >>> allegations of abuse, naked pictures, and murder. if you weren't awake yet, that should do it. we're talking about the jodi arias case. prose
officers to respond to fabricated crime. it cost tax papers thousands of dollars. what lawmakers are looking to do to make it stop stay with us. . >> welcome back everybody. north corinthians is threatening retaliation upon . officials in the north are accusing the u.s. of having double standards on rocket launchers. they'll conduct a third nuclear test. u.s. said the south corinthians launch had no military attempt. frank holtwherecould see harsher penalties in new york. and police are responding to fake crime scenes and now lawmakers had enough. tell us laul about it. >> it is it the prank 911 calls and that gets the police with swarms was officers to the scene. and they're targeting so far. inclugged miley cierous whose los angeles home was run with police. authorities stay it is it a massive waste and now ted lew proposed a bill that anyone conconvicted of swatting pay the price. >> if is not a game. if you do it and you get caught. you will get mand tore jail time and held responsible for the entire cost of the your fake incident. >> these incidents are complex. ashton's hou
, deficits and taxes and is sequesters and potl government shutdown, but all from the perspective of how are we making sure that somebody who works hard in this country, a cop or a teacher or a construction worker, or a receptionist, that they can make it if they work hard? and that their kids can make it? >> what's the message there to you, chris. >> he wants to be a transformative president in the second term and move from the center right idea that says cutting and less government is better ffr the economy to one that says that the government can plan, organize, direct economic activity and take tax revenues and borrowed money to stimulate and help out these middle class people, but it doesn't sync up with what people are thinking now so the president has a big sales job ahead of him and to your point, you and janice were talking about, if you've already been hit by one storm, the recession that followed the panic of 2008 and if you're waiting for the next storm to hit land, my goodness, not receptive to the idea of the government borrowing more and taxing more when you think that's a
as well. and expected to include gun control, immigration, climate change, taxes and spending and more, white house aides note from reducing gun violence and other issues and removing his agenda forward, as for tough votes, here is press secretary jay carney. >> he thinks that the american people understandably expect congress to vote on important matters, to vote yes or no. and you would hope that the senate has had an opportunity to do that. >> and one early test of unity will likely come on senator dianne feinstein's assault weapons ban legislation, but top senate democrat harry reid sounds cautious about feinstein's proposal. >> she's talked to me about her assault weapons ban, a new one, and she believes in it fervently and i admire her for that. i'll take at that look at it. and we will all kinds of issues to deal with and i think everyone would be well-advised to determine how to read it. >> other tough votes on fiscal issues such as taxes and spending. house speaker john boehner, a republican says the process isn't easy. >> frankly, there's a lot of scar tissue that carries ove
. fiscal cliffs, taxes, spending, issues hugely important to economic certainty and push government and businesses to hold back on their spending until the dust settles in washington. the ownp the only problem with that is that the dust may never settle in the nation's capital. >> if the white house spent as much time trying to fix the economy as it did claiming it was fixed and then finding excuses and scapegoats when its premature announcements turn out to be false, i would suspect the economy is doing better than it is today. >> austin is a key member and today a professor of economics at the university of chicago booth coolal school of business. in fairness, this white house spends a lot of time blaming republicans for economic problems. has it gone overboard? perhaps too much politics and not enough policy because we did have an election. >> you know, i thought that was kind of a weird, cheap shot to come from the minority leader. i think the difference between being recovered and being in recovery is pretty different. and that is we're growing at a modest pace. we should be gr
registry. >> and obama care wasn't a tax until they needed it to be a tax. >> chris: the supreme court said that. >> didianne feinstein said if i could o go door to door and pick them all up i would do it. can i say one more. >> chris: i have one more question. forgive me, sir, i'm going to conduct the interview. every day we talk about a shooting. often times mass shooting day-after-day after day and the frustration s you don't think that limiting guns has anything to do with that. i understand there is some things you think do work and we will talk about that. the murder yesterday of former navy seal chris kyle. this was a man who wrote american sniper. the man credited with the largest number of confirmed kills of any american soldier ever. he and another man gunned down at a texas gun range. >> if you want to stop violence in this country here is what you do. first, if you want to protect our kids you put armed security in schools. i'm not talking about arming teachers. i'm talking about police officers and certified professional security people. there is not a parent that sends off the
taxes on gas in the country. about 67 cents a gallon. that's driving it, by the way you in new york worse, 69 cents a gallon for tax. >> i think the cigarettes are more expensive here, too. your friend buying cigarettes should think twice he's probably wasting a whole lot of money he could be spending on his gas. thank you for keeping an eye on the numbers. if you are out there and you think all of the gas you are buying is expensive. it is. it turns out you are wasting a ton of it in traffic. i know you know that you spend time in traffic. but on average we have something that might surprise you. the gridlock is costing you an average of $818 a year. i said 818, that's more than the average amount people spend on christmas. but are you ready for this? the traffic that you are sitting in is a sign that the economy is improving. so you can be happy about that. christine romans is here with me. she's smiling, too. one of those good news bad news stories. on your personal economy, you always tell me your business is a business of one, economy of one. that's painful statistics. >> it is
it is subject to aprep patriot limit tax increases and safeguards. as the fallout leaked as it mounted earlier today the administration immediately went into damage control mode earlier attorney general eric holder tried to clarify why these actions might be necessary. watch this. >> one of the things i want to make sure that everybody understands is that our primary concern is to keep the american people safe but to o do so in a way consistent with our laws and consistent with our values. we are are -- we have as a basis for action that we take congressional statute that allows us to operate against al-qaeda and associated entities not only in pakistan or not only in afghanistan but in other parts of the world. we say that we only take these kinds of actions when there is an imminent threat when capture is not feasible and when we are confident we are doing so in a way that is consistent with international law. >> we cannot forget but president bush was viscerated over enhanced interrogation techniques and barack obama spent most of his first term ripping president bush on his policies and ev
's going to be asking congress to pass a small, short-term package of spending cuts and tax reforms. this move key because it would delay the largerrer, automatic sequester cuts we've been talking so much about from actually going into effect. it would also give lawmakers a little more time to agree on a broader budget huge cuts to defense and domestic programs are scheduled to take place on march 1st unless something is done, but the questions remain about how many short-term packages both sides of the aisle can put together before some real decisions have to be made about our budget, our debt and our deficit. big questions today, the president's remarks 1:15 eastern time. >> reporter: and we're here in the newsroom, joadty is back on the witness stand again today, she's trying to stay off of death row. of she said she killed her boyfriend out of self-defense, prosecutors will ask her why that meant shooting him in the head and stabbing him 27 times. >>> also, the whole country very, very relieved to hear that 5-year-old boy who had been held hostage in alabama was freed successful
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's fiscal uncertainty and is doing so nervously. >> we have massive deficit, big tax increase. no apparent willingness to get government off people's backs by reducing government spending. all of that is a heavy weight on the private sector. firms around the nation are sitting on their cash instead of creating jobs. >> on wednesday, the commerce department announced economic growth fell to a minus tenth of a percent, the last three months of last year. so the chairman of the president's council of economic advisors says other indicators remain positive. >> consumer spending increased. business investment; particularly, for equipment and software was strong. residential construction was strong. we are seeing signs of that in the jobs report. >> it also showed a larger number of people dropped out of the labor force than found jobs. former administration economist says some of that is to be expected. >> the population is aging, so we expect to have a fair number of people retiring every month for the next ten years or more as the baby boom is retiring. >> actually, the conference board repor
million worth of tax revenue and not focus on the katrina disaster. tell be a cost gard for the city harris. >> i have a heart for the nfl. mipe guys are not in. joe flacko and kaepernick, that is a quarterback match up. >> it is it going to be it is so unusual. joe flacko had a small school and said he's good but he is not one of the best. the deeper in the playoffings more confidence . he has wide-receivers that tend to pumdown the ballings. they throttled a team that doesn't blow in leads . they come in underdogs to the 49ers . many people think he is the better player and he's the better upside and got the intangible quality and adrian petersen who is it that he thinking will win. >> it is facing each other with two types of quarterbackings. so he wapts reyes lewis and company to win it he was all time rushir and a great up side. that is the game itself. the 49ers seem to be the better all around team. >> there you go . i have been in the bowl before. what leads to the game is more fun and football selection committee is hard working on the saturday. what did they say. >> they co
the claim that romney didn't pay his taxes. >> shep: last question. there is --. >> sean: there is a battle that is going on, "new york times" establishment republicans want more influence, raise more money for candidates to candidates from winning elections. now a tea party candidate would be marco rubio, mike lee, ted cruz? >> it's a terrible mistake to stop in those men. look, i doubt that is how they have billed their pact. i do think republicans should not have run, sharron angle, christine o'donnell, todd aiken we have given up senate seats. we have to stop talking about abortion and say yes -- and when we have problems like that could cost us amnesty didn't ks cost us obamacare we have to be careful to get candidates that will say stupid things. >> sean: there are other tea party conservatives in the primary. we have to roll. good to see you. >> good to see you. >> sean: could the depth of homeland security soon be called in to patrol the president's hometown of chicago. that is exactly what jesse jackson is demanding as gun violence continues to grip rambo's windy city and the best
on the super bowl when he was talking potentially more tax hikes. listen to this. >> there is no doubt we need additional revenue coupled with smart spending reductions in order to bring down our deficit. and we can do it in a gradual way so it doesn't have a huge impact. >> the republican leadership saying flatly, no more tax hikes. >> so they're all dug in again on the fiscal issues. if you look at the polls, wolf, the public wants the president and congress to tackle those fiscal issues. ironically, they may be closer on gun control. they may be closer on immigration reform. but it's still the fiscal issues that are the real problem. >> in the next few week, they have some major things coming up on those issues. dan pfeiffer, the president's senior adviser, will join us in the next hour to discuss guns, guns and guns. >>> the nation's new secretary of state's wasting no time getting down to business. john kerry spent a busy weekend on the phone with palestinian and israeli leader, plus officials in japan, south korea and turkey. all that was before he officially said hello to the state depa
resistance, the most vulnerable victims he could. as far as funding all this, i think handsomely taxing ammunition might be an answer. you can certainly talk about second amendment rights, but that doesn't mean it doesn't come with a price tag. and certainly, public safety should be paramount. so it makes sense. until we have universal background checks, better reporting from the states, and more -- just more safety across the board, maybe a presence in schools is worth considering. i know that there is a police presence in the new location of the sandy hook school, and it certainly does reassure me when i drop my daughters off to see there is that level of protection. >> thank you for being here. i really appreciate it. people's personal perspective and experiences often affect the way they view this. i want to bring in somebody else. joe, if you could stand up. joe did something that everybody hopes they would dood if confronted in a situation. gabby giffords was shot in tucson, arizona. joe heard the shots and ran toward what many people would run from. you had a handgun, right? you
. taxes are going up which some people rightly see as an infringement upon their freedom to spend their money as they see fit. >> greta: what do you see as something that's american people or the american government should or should not do on gun control? >> there ought to be reasonable restrictions on felons, people who are mentally disturbed. one of the things that worries me about this is that we seem to pay attention to the people who are not the source of the problem and ignore dealing with the problem. we know this -- cities like chicago with very strict gun control laws don't have less crime than the communities surrounding them and we also know that as ownership of firearms has expanded in our country the country has -- the crime has declined. the famous socioologyist, he had written an article pointing out in our rush to worry about firearms getting in the hands of people who shouldn't have them, we also were likely to step on the rights of people who had every right in the world to get them and his point was between half a million and two million instances a year a firea
in san jose. his chest and shoulders are now totally covered. he says the new tax represent his family, and our strength, spiritual growth and humility. the pose of the photos on his instagram. >> he's in great shape so >> tiger woods stay home at the at&t needs a jolt. round out at pebble beach. bill murray with the muttonchops citing a woman's forehead. murray and he knows the course well, what he makes a nice approach shot that catches the slope and heads down hills stopping about 10 to 15 ft. from hold. sixth of all, defending champion phil mickelson and makes the short putt for par. former nba player and hiv and aids activists magic johnson the meeting with president obama at the white house. johnson was in town yesterday for a bit at howard university hospital. the president and johnson met briefly and discussed hiv and aids in the african- american community. >> before the new eastern span of the bay bridge opens the vehicles the bay area is being invited to try out on fled. the $6.3 billion that will officially open on september 3rd the tuesday after labor day. the days before
of that. they want action. they want their taxes low, as we just saw happen reinly in avoiding the fiscal cliff -- which came as i might add through bipartisanship. the republicanses came through with the table to what obama proposed and he compromised with raising it to the $4,000 level. that's the action that people want to see. >> speaking of our president, he said during obamacare, oh, you're premiums wouldn't be raised. sorry, david. that's exactly what we are seeing -- >> when 2014 comes along -- [overlapping dialogue] >> americans are not able to keep their health insurance. another thing the president promised. >> i have to say, after an absence of david being out, with personal issues and health issues, we are glad to see you back. >> it's a pleasure to be back. >> happy to have you both. >> a bus transporting a philadelphia youth group rammed into a boston-area bridge, injuring dozens. the high school students and their chaperons had wrapped up a visit to harvard university. four people were hospitalized. police say the bus driver failed to heed low-clearance warning signs. the
. there is no comprehensive fiscal plan, tax plan, or budget. bottom line, it is a broken system. >> all interested in partisan division, debate, and what little advantage i can get today, led by a president who ought to go see "lincoln" and figure what it is about. >> i am sensing a little frustration. >> there is. the system only works. the players and system are honest in the way they play. they are supposed to represent the people that sent them there but they don't give a hoot about them. they don't care. they are happy in their occupy lives. >> the mainstream media sucks up to them. has anyone asked a tough question? scott pelley, did they ask a tough question? ever? >>gregg: gentleman, good to see you guys, political insiders every monday at 10:30 a.m. eastern and they will be back here next sunday. >>heather: coming up, a new warning for parents, we will tell you common food items you may need to limit in your child's diet. not in my house! h! ha ha ha! no no no! not today! ha ha ha! ha ha ha! jimmy how happy are folks who save hundreds of dollars switching to geico? happier than dikembe mu
't pass a comprehensive plan, it should at least agree to a calls "a balanced mix of spending cuts and tax reform" to avert the sequester. house republicans counter-- the ball is the president's court. >> "the house, on two occasions, has passed a plan to replace the sequester. it's time for senate democrats to do their work, it's time for the president to offer his ideas of how to replace the sequester." >> "the president, we hope he takes off his superman cape and sends up a serious plan." >> pam: sequestration requires more than one trillion dollars in cuts over a decade, half from the pentagon. it was proposed as a kind of a doomsday scenario --- now, it's potentially just three weeks away. the government has already delayed sequestration once this year---when it avoided going over the fiscal cliff in january. >> gay marriage is one close step closer. and the united kingdom. these victims from spain how now investigating this acalpulco that is causing american and british authorities to issue travel warnings. >> developer right now, the department of justice is sticking by its decision
of carjacking inattentive kidnapper related to a tax on three women into gross restores parking lots and morgan hill in 2009. >> he is been held without bail since his arrest last may when investigators discovered dna evidence in his car. >> in san francisco man is recovering this morning after being shot multiple times. he was attacked last night around 8:00 on the first block of the turks street. that is in the city's tenderloin district. the victim is 37 years old. >> president obama will meet the senate democrats today to sell his strategy for tackling immigration, gun control and a host of fiscal dilemmas. >> obama is hoping for unified front among senate democrats. almost everything on his to do list faces opposition from senate and house republicans. today's meeting will also be obamas first chance to press senators directly on his proposal for a quick fix to avert a sweeping spending cuts set to take effect on march 1st. >> the u.s. ambassador to israel says president obama will bring an urgent peacemaking agenda to israel on his upcoming visit in the spring. ambassador-and shapiro says
monthly mortgage payments and give you tax-free cash from the equity in your home. and here's the best part -- you still own your home. take control of your retirement today. ♪ ♪ >>> talkback question today should the boy scouts of america lift its ban on gays, this from sherry, yes, my son wasn't allowed to be in the scouts because of their bigotry. this from ellis a it would be nice if they made that decision but as a private organization they should make that on their own not based on what the government or media wants. this from frank, the attitude that gays are going to destroy moral fabric is sad. the diversity will make the scouts stronger. this from paula, no, not with our children. start your own gay scouts. this from chad, doesn't anyone understand that homosexuals are people, too, does everyone think gay people are meant to go into every single group of people on earth just to cause chaos? and this from alissa, i love ow people bring up the bible for their reasons of bigotry and blind hatred, they have forgot earn about the catholic priests who molest hundreds of childre
serious tax increases. we'll talk with nancy pelosi about that on sunday. alisyn: all right. chris. we'll be watching. thanks a lot. >> you bet. thanks, ali. rick: one of america's most prominent families falling victim to a hacking attack. personal e-mail accounts of former president george h.w. bush and his family broken into. the fallout from this violation of their privacy next. alisyn: and new information on a massive weapons shipment that was intercepted on the high seas heading to yemen. details on who may have sent those weapons and why. alisyn: the nation's roman catholic bishops rejecting the obama administration's new version of the health care law contraception mandate. the bishops said it does not offer enough safeguards for religious hospitals, colleges and charities that objected to providing such coverage to employees. they're asking for exemption for owners of for-profit businesses because it forces them to violate their religious beliefs. the bishops will continue fighting the federal mandate in court. rick: a hacker getting access to the personal e nails of the -- e-
hold in there, even as a payroll tax expiration, the holiday expiration, many worry that you see retail jobs get hit. that didn't happen at you will. we saw so much information, some of it conflicts, wolf, about what is happening on the economy. gdp over here on the bearish side of the ledger. it actually sha rank. that's a job concern. jobless claims rose in the recent week. consumer confident got hit. but durable goods, home prices, the fed, private sector job growth, all of those are lining up in favor of continued growth in the u.s. economy. wolf? >> christine, thank you. >>> president obama reportedly will be changing offices in the coming months, at least for a temporary period. the president will move out of the white house oval office into a replica across the street in the eisenhower executive office building. the current oval office was built during franklin roosevelt's term. it's due for a major, major renovation. >>> sad news from former president george w. bush and his wife laura, their 12-year-old dog has died. barney guarded the south lawn entrance of the white house as i
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